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Ask the Right Questions

Looking for a dance school for your child? Apart from price considerations, what other factors should you really looking out for?   Here are some tips.


School Focus

Exams are usually a school’s focus as it sets the benchmark for the school and distinguishes it from others. Without negating the value of exams, parents should note that this is only part of the learning process. The opportunities given to perform and hone skills in stagecraft are just as important in dance development. This solidifies all the skills picked up during the dance year which our school advocates.


What is the Class Size?

MOE advocates, “Nursery classes are recommended to have 1 teacher and 1 teacher aide of 15 children. K1 classes should have a maximum of 20 children to 1 teacher while K2 classes should have a maximum of 25 children to 1 teacher.” ( Following the MOE guidelines, our Pre-School classes are 15:2, with a teaching assistant. Do note that more time is needed for early childhood classes for classroom management.


Which dance syllabus?

It’s like comparing the ‘O’ Levels with the IB or NSW program in school. They are all designed to deliver a comprehensive syllabus differing stylistically in their approach to the curriculum. Similarly, all dance syllabus work on the premise of developing skills through a repertoire of progressive exercises. A Plié is a Plié regardless of which syllabus you choose but they differ stylistically in their approach to exercises. So when in pursuit of a school, it is important to match your child’s personality with the stylistic approach of the syllabus, bearing in mind the school’s culture and focus. There is no one syllabus that can claim to be better than the other as they are all developed to train individuals to dance. Our school follows the Australian Teachers Of Dancing (ATOD) syllabus combining the artistic mastery of technique and creative expression.


Fully Included or Optional?

Check to see if extra coaching classes are compulsory before exams. Compulsory exam coaching classes will set you back twice the amount of the current fees that you are paying. This will also mean that you will have to spend that extra time and effort twice in a week to bring your child to class. You may also be required to pay for an entire new set of uniform before exams. Year-end concert preparations after exams work the same way too. Do remember to factor in the cost and time into your schedule. With careful consideration, we aim to keep all exams and concert preparation within class time.


The ASOD Difference

• No Extra Coaching Class

• Child Centered

• Emphasis on developing technique for the freedom to express their individual ability


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