Teacher Ananda

Teacher Ananda

Ananda developed her passion for dancing when she was first introduced to Thai dance at the age of 3 back in America. However, it was when she was introduced to Ballet at the age of 7 when she moved to Thailand that spurred her pursuit for this dance form. 

She then went on to compete in several dance competitions, with accolades, such as achieving 3rd place in the 11th Asia Pacific Dance Competition for the National under-18 category.


Through the years, Gift has completed her CSTD Sub-Elementary qualification, RAD Intermediate qualification and also CDA Jazz level 4. She has experience teaching CSTD, RAD and ATOD ballet syllabus.


Despite taking some years off to pursue a career in Singapore Airlines as a Flight Stewardess, she had always found time to continue dancing despite the busy flying schedule, and eventually, it was the continuous passion for dance led to Gift pursuing dance teaching once again.

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