Pre-School Ballet

Pre-School Ballet


Based on the ATOD (Australian Teacher’s of Dancing) syllabus, our Pre-School Ballet classes cater to young children 3 years old and above.

We believe in developing young independent dancers who are not only capable of executing basic ballet techniques, but also have a cognitive understanding of proper body alignment and correction. 


Pre-School Ballet program includes activities that will enable children to explore space, develop musicality and improve co-ordination. Some benefits of this program include, but are not limited to the development of listening and social skills, improvement of fine and gross motor skills and the development of self expression.


Little Children need consistent structure! Creating meaningful learning experiences for children requires a dash of imagination, a teaspoon of musicality and a tremendous amount of teaching strategies to engage all the different learning styles of the children we have in any one given class.


Within the confines of this consistent syllabus structure, imagine children learning to develop ballet turn-outs and strong legs in preparation for “sautes” when they leap likes frogs. Or when they are practicing their basic gross motor skills whilst pretending to be little red riding hood walking and skipping through the forest with a food basket for grandma that is held on long extended arms! Piquing their interest using vivid imagery to learn fundamental ballet techniques such as Pointing their toes to the puddles on the floor and creating a diamond shape learning “Plies”, the Pre School Ballet syllabus is delightful class to look forward to!


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