Teacher Shannon

Teacher Shannon

Shannon begin her RAD ballet training at the age of 3 under the tutelage of Miss Pang Ling and Miss Lan Minli and has attained Grade 1 to 8, major grades Intermediate Foundations till Advanced 1. She competed in various local and international competitions and clinched many awards. Shannon’s passion for dance has led her to different platforms of both performing, choreography and now teaching which she considers what she loves doing the most. 


Her passion for choreographing started at the age of 18 where she was invited to choreograph and performed a few ballet and contemporary pieces for RAD dance challenge 2017 and had her work presented in Singapore Dance Theatre- Celebration in Dance 2018.


She explores sharp and powerful movements while emphasising on muscle engagement that can be applied in choreographies.


Shannon loves to bring out the confidence and performance quality in dancers. 


Through her art, Shannon looks forward to continuing her dance career and inspiring audiences and students nationwide.

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